Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Breakfast Of The Day: Waffles

Julian wants his waffles for breakfast. What a good way to start off the morning...with waffles.

Edward loves to eat chocolate chip waffles. He says, "In every chocolate chip, there's always a bit of laughter." LOL

Jack LaLanne "Father of Fitness" Dies At 96

"I can't die," Jack LaLanne famously liked to say. "It would ruin my image." The infamous fitness expert and host of "The Jack LaLanne Show" recently died Sunday afternoon at age 96 from a respiratory failure resulting from pneumonia.

Mr. LaLanne was the man who exercised until he experienced "muscle fatigue", lifting weights until it was impossible for him to continue any longer. He ate two meals a day and discouraged snacks. He chose to become a spokesman for good health rather than continuing his chiropractic profession. He was obviously religious in promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but he continued this endeavor even as an old man. After reading the article, it was the first time I ever heard of Mr. LaLanne; yet his support for a greater health worldwide really woke me up today to watch what I eat and think about my future lifestyle so that I can live a better life.

Most people tend to exercise more and pay attention to their diet only when they get older around their late 40's simply because health risks are more likely to occur. However, society should focus to do what Mr. LaLanne encouraged us to do: maintain health as early as possible. America's children are considered some of the fattest kids worldwide, fattening up with Twinkies, french fries, and hamburgers. As a consequence of America's diet, people are more prone to heart attacks and other illnesses. But with daily exercise and physical fitness, people can significantly decrease the likelihood of sicknesses (e.g. bowel syndromes and heartburns).

Edward thinks exercising sucks...but so does everything else that's good for you.

A Blog For Every Morning

I hate waking up in the morning...and you probably do too. Everyone doesn't want to wake up after a good night's rest because it just feels so good lying there on the bed all snuggled up in the blankets, warm and comfy. But when you do get up from bed, you feel like shit (99% of the time). You don't want to take the covers off and stand up on your feet against the cold wooden tiles. You don't want to walk all the way over to the bathroom because your body feels stiff and sore. You just don't want to get up from bed. Period.

However that might change in a matter of minutes...because of this blog. Every morning I'll be posting blogs that'll make sure you get up from bed to start your day off with some morning buzz: morning stretches, breakfast recipes, dream interpretations, horoscopes, daily news articles, etc. Some people won't get up in the morning all happy and cheery but the posts will gradually improve the morning lifestyles for quite a few. Whether people read posts for morning exercises or the latest news , everyone will start the day off with a GOOOOD MORNING!!!

Edward's favorite cereal is Lucky Charms. Those little marshmallows make his day so delightful...yay.